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Emesent’s expertise in Robotics, Autonomy, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics propels the exploration of new possibilities and the creation of innovative technologies that pave the way for the autonomous industrial assets of the future.

Hovermap is an intelligent two-in-one 3D LiDAR mapping device and autonomy payload for industrial remotely-piloted aircraft. It can map challenging underground, indoor, and outdoor GPS-denied environments without the need to send people into potentially hazardous areas.

To achieve this, Hovermap uses a sophisticated simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology that allows for the collection of accurate 3D LiDAR data in almost all environments. When integrated onto a supported remotely-piloted aircraft, Hovermap provides omnidirectional collision avoidance, safer flight in GPS-denied environments, and advanced autonomy navigation features.

Hovermap can also be mounted onto a variety of vehicles or carried by hand using the supplied handle. This provides an efficient and simple means to collect rich, accurate 3D LiDAR data.

  • LiDAR sensing range of 300 meters
  • More than a million points captured per second with triple returns
  • Detailed scans, however complex the asset or terrain
  • Robust, autonomous capability


Hovermap ST-X takes SLAM-based LiDAR mapping to new heights and enables autonomous mapping of large assets and complex terrains.

Building on the proven success of Hovermap ST’s versatile autonomy and mapping capability, Hovermap ST-X incorporates the latest in LiDAR sensing technology to offer high density point clouds with increased coverage. Featuring a sensing range of 300 meters and more than a million points per second, it captures detailed, accurate data over a greater area in less time - giving you faster time to insight.

Hovermap ST-X also excels at indoor or close-range scans, producing sub-centimeter results thanks to the award-winning Wildcat SLAM solution, Automated Ground Control Points, and improved LiDAR sensor accuracy.

Uniquely versatile, Hovermap ST-X allows you to capture data in any environment. Mount it to a drone for autonomous aerial mapping even in GPS-denied environments. Easily remove it from the drone and use it as a handheld, backpack, or vehicle-mounted scanner. Use a combination of these to rapidly capture as-builts and digital twins in minutes rather than hours.

The tough, lightweight, and designed for IP65, weather sealed design makes Hovermap ST-X equally capable in the harshest environments, above ground or underground, indoors, or out.