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Geotechnical consulting services

We perform a wide range of geotechnical surveys at exploration sites, deposits, and mines. The scope of this work is to assess the rock mass, determine the structure type, define the strength characteristics of the rock mass, and perform statistical analysis using geotechnical logging, database management, RMR, and MRMR systems.  

Based on these, the design parameters and the structure type of rock mass are determined. Currently, we have successfully provided hydrogeological and geotechnical consulting services to Mongolia's gold deposits, fluorspar, and several coal deposits.

Type of geotechnical consulting services:  

  • Define rock mass characteristic
    • Planning geotechnical drillhole 
    • Field work planning, management, training, data acquisition, and data interpretation 
    • Geotechnical log, pit wall mapping, and structural data collection 
    • Geotechnical database management 
    • Estimating rock mass stability by using RMR, MRMR system 
    • Rock mass structure analysis 
    • Statistical analysis for rock mass strength parameters 
    • Define design parameter 
    • 3D block modeling for rock mass stability 
    • Determine cross-cutting line on stability analysis 
  • Mining and waste management
    • Structural interpretation 
    • Combine hydrogeological condition and pore pressure stability analysis   
    • Deterministic and risk assessment analysis based on 3D modeling software or along the cross-cutting line   
    • Set up monitoring planning 
    • Collect geotechnical data, interpretation, and training for mining engineers  
    • Tailings and dams management
  • Site investigation and monitoring
    • Develop processes and automate operations with other mine departments 
    • Automate the process of determining the properties of rock mass 
    • Propose an appropriate monitoring program 
    • Reduce operational risks and improve the HSE 
  • Training   
    • GeoStudio fundamental  
    • Leapfrog Works fundamental  
    • Geotechnical engineering fundamental 
    • Failure mode, stability analysis 
    • Finite element analysis 
    • Slope awareness 
    • Structure interpretation  
    • Geotechnical log 


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