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BlackBerry Cybersecurity Driven by Cylance AI


AI-Driven Threat and Incident Prevention, Detection, and Response

Achieve a Higher Level of Security

Traditional cybersecurity approaches suffer from two glaring weaknesses. First, they rely on the digital signatures of known malware in order to identify threats. This approach leaves systems vulnerable to new and non-cataloged malware. Second, they are reactive in nature, ascribing to the “it’s not a matter of if, but when” mentality and often responding to the damage caused by zero-day threats only after they execute. Guarding against known threats is important, but in the modern threat landscape organizations must also address the over 350,000 new variants of malware created every day.

The BlackBerry Cylance Approach BlackBerry Cylance avoids the weaknesses of traditional AV by using highly trained artificial intelligence (AI) to detect threats. Our cybersecurity AI trains on over a billion safe and malicious files. This process allows our security agents to reference and evaluate over a million file features before determining if a program should execute. The threat profiling capabilities of CylancePROTECT® gives our clients a proven predictive advantage2 of up to 33 months over known, unknown, and zero-day malware