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Fatigue Science

The world-leading Fatigue Management information system Readi by Fatigue Science is a 360 degree platform that helps everyone in your organization to do their part in managing fatigue. Fatigue management is a shared responsibility and getting it right can measurably improve safety and increase productivity throughout your operations.

Readi generates fatigue predictions and real-time fatigue assessments based on scientifically validated biomathematical modeling.

Trigteq LLC is proud to bring the innovative products of Fatigue Science to Mongolia and the CIS countries as an official representative.

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For Operations & HSE: For Supervisors: For Dispatchers: For Operators:​
Compare fatigue across crews and rosters. View trends & hotspots. Get predictive fatigue alerts for crew members and plan tasks proactively​ Make smarter, safer dispatch decisions — within your dispatch app Get personal fatigue alerts and a daily fatigue forecast — right on your wrist​

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