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About us

Trigteq boasts a young and dedicated team of professionals who are committed to solving contemporary geological issues and have rich experience in the geological sector. 

Our story began in the United States, where it was first established in 2013 with 100% Mongolian ownership. In 2015, the company was officially established in Mongolia and opened a representative office in China in the last half of 2021. 

Our extensive network of international partners allows us to bring cutting-edge software solutions and products from leading mining countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States of America to our customers in Central Asia, South Korea, China and Mongolia. By building strategic partnerships with our international partners, Trigteq continues to lead and innovate the mining industry in Mongolia.

Trigteq specializes in offering consultation services for geological and mining engineering. We supply advanced geological software and products, and provide technical training services.


"To lead and innovate the mining consulting industry"


  • Acquire world-class technical expertise
  • Be at the forefront of technical diffusion

Value proposition

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Modern Technologies

Social responsibility

  • Co-organized the Mongolian Mineral Exploration Roundup 2019 and sponsored its social responsibility section. Essay and creative poster competition in mid and high schoolers
  • Assisting the “Righteous living” NGO in finding foreign sponsorship, also donated relief goods and materials
  • Supports universities and research institutions
  • We are always open to helping students practice and specialize. Currently, 22 students in geology and 4 students in other fields have been hired as part-time employees, of which 6 in geology, 2 in linguistics, and 1 in international trade


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